Bantu Hikers: What seems insurmountable can be achieved!


Bantu Hikers is a Cape Town based initiative that was started in 2015 by two young South African professionals - Mpho Sekwele and Khanya Sosibo. Every weekend, they enjoyed hiking the beautiful Cape Town trails. Over time, they began to notice that locals did not take up hiking or explore the tourist sites that Cape Town is well known for.

They also realized that whenever they went out hiking, they would share their goals and aspirations with each other - things that seemed insurmountable. So they began to wonder how they could replicate their experience to connect young professionals with matriculants from disadvantaged backgrounds in Cape Town. They wanted to promote an active lifestyle and create opportunities for networking through a fun and informal mentorship experience. This is how Bantu Hikers was born.

Thelela's Founder Julie Muriuki sat down with Mpho Sekwele to learn about Bantu Hikers. Their story is inspirational, their progress to-date and all around awesomeness is absolutely worth hearing about.